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  Difference between cc and ml (unit volume)

(1) cc (cubic centimeter) indicates the volume of a cube with 1cm3, that is, 1cm on one side, and has no relation to the volume of water.

(2) ml (milli liter) is according to the following definition and is related to the volume of the quantity.
That is, 1 liter refers to the volume occupied by 1 kg of pure water under the maximum density (4กษ) and 1 atmosphere. (1901 Universal Road Threat)

(3) According to the precise measurement results, 1cc of pure water is 0.999973g instead of 1g at 4กษ.

So 0.999973 liter=1000 cc
1 liter=1000.027 cc
That is, cc represents the volume and ml represents the volume of the water mass, so the meanings of the indications are different.


60s = sixties = 60s

When it comes to temperature, it is "60 degrees

She is in her 20s. (twenties) = She is in her twenties (age).

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